Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Father's day visit, part 2

May 20, 2007

The pic I wasn't allowed to show...

To tell the truth, I'm not sure about this pic, but when I shot a portrait of dear old Pops he said: "But don't you dare put that on the internet!", so I guess he meant ALL pics of himself, even the ones he didn't notice me taking...

So I substituted him with some weird 70ies-style-alien-thingy.

But I simply HAD to show this pic.
I mean, how often do you see someone open the skylight of a hothouse for better ventilation when there's absolutely no glass whatsoever in any of the other frames???

O.k., the truth of the matter is, the hothouse isn't finished yet, he just wanted to show me that he can use those skylights to air it out when it's finished and in use...

A Father's Day visit

May 17, 2007

Today was Father's Day, so I went to visit my Pop and my Sis.

It was a nice sunny day, so I decided to wrench myself from the coffee table and take a few pics.
And I must say I'm glad I did. I've seldom seen so many strange sights in one place.

Will you please look at this?
Is this a clothes-peg-shaped insect? Some amazing feat of mimicry to prey on unwary flies that might buzz around the clothesline?
Or were my folks tired of buying new clothes-pegs and tried sowing some instead?

And what is this?
The advance party of some bizzare alien invasion from planet Mutant Cacti?

...speaking of aliens...

But there were also nice, harmless things in that spooky garden, like this flower...

...and this one.

Can you still call a wild strawberry "wild" if it's growing in a garden...?

A Sunday's excursion...

March 5, 2007

...into the countryside yielded a few pics of bushy plants...

...gurgling brooks...

...boring fields...

...and a nice sunset.


lelly said...

you know, germany looks quite alot like my part of england right now...especially the whole flat boring field thing
nice pics :)
06 January 2008 20:55

Mafdet said...

That's interesting... I've always thought the landscape in other countries couldn't be quite as boring as that in Germany.

...and thanks for the compliment...*blushes*
24 February 2008 14:51

Spring has sprung...

February 25, 2007

...so I've decided it's time for another pic...

...or two...

...or three?


January 26, 2007

(to see a bigger version, click on the pic)

Usually I'm scared of wasps.
I've never been stung yet, but perhaps this is why my fear of them's blown out of proportion. In my imagination the pain must be unbearable. As a child, my sister was stung five times and her wailing could be heard throughout the neighbourhood.
O.k., she was a kid. And she was stung FIVE TIMES.
But still... Wasps are horrible. And dangerous. The pain might kill me... :p

So under normal circumstances I could never have got near enough to one of those creatures from hell to shoot the pic above.
One sunny day last summer my hubby and me were at MacDonald's. We were sitting outside, enjoying sticky milk shakes, when the wasps found us.
One of them fell into my shake, the others buzzed off to annoy other customers.
I watched the wasp struggling to stay on the surface of my drink. I couldn't let it drown.
I'm scared of them, but I'm no cold-blooded murderer, so I fished it out with my spoon and deposited it on my tray.

It sat there (quite relieved, I presume) and began to clean itself.
You see, it was covered in sticky milk shake, so it was stuck (haha) on my tray for quite a while.
Ruthlessly, I decided to take advantage of its situation and shoved my camera in its face.
There. That'll show 'em!


January 17, 2007

(To see a bigger version, click on the pic.)

A short explanation of the meaning of "Entee":

"Ente" is German for "duck".

"Tee" is German for "tea".

So in English it should say: "duck-tea", but the German version sounds funnier to me, hence the title of this post.

I DID tell you that I wanted to bore you to tears with my pics...?

Well, this is the first attempt, enjoy (or not).